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What is          ?   

H20Wize is a revolutionary water delivery and conservation system for commercial, residential and agricultural installations. Available in 25" or 20" diameter sizes, our ring is designed to snap together easily and be buried 3" - 4" in the ground causing a well to be created around an existing or newly planted tree or shrub. Using a factory installed 1/2" drip line and self-regulating drip emitters, we are able to effectively and efficiently deliver the perfect amount of water to your plantings.  Our 24" ring is capable of holding 6 gallons of water, releasing slowly into the root system preventing erosion and runoff. This stimulates healthier, faster growing trees and shrubs as well as much larger yields of fruit for citrus trees all while reducing water usage. 

Natural Look

The H20Wize water ring is color enhanced and textured to blend into existing landscape environments thus minimizing visual pollution.

Built for Strength

Made from recycled plastics and color stabilized to prevent UV degradation our ring is designed with 45 rigid, sharp teeth to dig into the ground and stay seated firmly in place. The sloped outer surface protects tree trunks from mowers and weed trimmers. 

Water rings are also reusable! 

Water Conservation

Whether for commercial, residential or agricultural use, the H2Owize ring facilitates 95% moisture absorption to promote deep root growth, healthier plants and increased citrus yields. 

When used on slopes, our ring prevents soil erosion from runoff thus delivering water where it is needed.